» Can we come during the week for a retreat or are you only open on the weekend?

Answer: Retreating can happen any time! If your group wants to come during the week or for extended long weekend - of course you can! Our rates are the same for any days of the week.

» Can we bring our own "refreshment"?

Answer: Yes!! This is your retreat! Refreshment and junk food are definitively necessary to make your time here. For all quests to share, there is a coffee machine, tea kettle, microwave and a fridge in each workroom for your convenience.

» I have food allergy - can you accomodate that?

Answer: The cook need to know ahead of time. Most of our meals are served family-style so you can help yourself to whatever you enjoy to eat. Many gluten-free quests bring their own bread because they have a favorite that works for them.