About us

This year, 2016, is our 20th year! Built in the winter of 1995-1996, we started as a 4 room Bed & Breakfast in our large farmhouse. Within the first season, it was very clear that our guests were quite often families that enjoyed our farming and ranching lifestyle. So we added two cabins.

Then in 1997, one quest asked if she and her sisters could come and quilt on the weekend! More quilters came and soon we had all kinds of scrapbookers coming as well, with all kinds of stuff! We doubled our workshop size, added a store and instructor.

In 2008, we added another 2,000 square feet onto the workshop and another six guestrooms! Presently, we have about six thousand square feet of workshop, sixteen guestrooms sleeping about 50 people and a fabulous licensed dining room serving excellent homemade meals!

We host many quilters and scrapbooks, crafters as well as weddings, family reunions and business retreats all year round!

The Bloomin Inn is definitively more than a gathering place. All details inspire, mesmerize and suit the soul. For what ever reason you come and spend time on the premises, you will have a unique and memorable bloomin' experience.